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Epoxy Floors Melbourne for Garages, Homes, Office and Factories

Epoxy Floors Melbourne are equally important for commercial and domestic property owners to have perfectly finished floors. Contact Granicrete for a reliable Melbourne Epoxy Floor installation or repair service. Epoxy flooring comes in different finishes that make the floor look beautiful. The third generation epoxy floors are available with the market today. They have a good reputation for durability and easy maintenance. In addition, they are available in different colors and patterns so you can choose one according to your taste or needs

Industrial Epoxy Floors – Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

Epoxy flooring Melbourne is one of the best choices for industrial properties. It can be used in factories, warehouses and other commercial spaces to protect your floor from damage and contamination. Epoxy floors are suitable for use in industrial properties because they are:
  • Highly durable – Epoxy floors can last up to 10 years without any maintenance or repairs needed. This makes them an excellent investment if you want your commercial space to look good throughout its lifetime.
  • Easy to clean – The epoxy coating on top of your epoxy-coated concrete will keep dirt and dust from seeping through into the concrete underneath it, so you won’t need to worry about cleaning this type of floor regularly unless there’s been an accident or spillage on top of it (which shouldn’t happen often).

Anti-Slip Epoxy Flooring – Epoxy Melbourne

Anti-slip epoxy Melbourne flooring is a durable and long lasting flooring solution that provides the best protection for your garage, home or factory. Anti-slip epoxy flooring features a special resin and hardener that makes it an attractive option for any application. Epoxy flooring has a high gloss finish with excellent resistance to abrasion, impact and chemical damage. Epoxy floors in Melbourne is suitable for use in garages, homes, offices and factories because of its durability against the harsh environment these places can face.

Commercial Epoxy Floors – Epoxy Flooring Melbourne

Commercial epoxy floors are a great choice for warehouses, factories and workshops. Epoxy flooring is heavy duty, durable and long lasting. It can handle heavy machinery and forklifts with ease. Epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintain, so you will spend less time cleaning and more time using your space!

Residential Epoxy Floors – Epoxy Floor Melbourne

Epoxy floor Melbourne is a great option for residential properties. The epoxy floors are easy to clean, durable and can be installed in different colours or finishes. Epoxy flooring is a popular choice among home owners nowadays, as it gives the best resistance to high traffic areas. People can use these floors for a long period of time and they will not have any issues related to maintenance. Residential properties can make a good use of this type of flooring which has been recently introduced in the market by some developers who are highly experienced in the field of epoxy flooring Melbourne.

The 3rd generation of the epoxy floor is available with the market.

Epoxy flooring has become a popular choice among homeowners. Since it is durable and easy to maintain, it can be used in any part of your home.

Melbourne Epoxy Floors gives resistance to high traffic areas

You may have heard that Melbourne Epoxy flooring is suitable for high traffic areas. It’s true! Epoxy flooring is great for areas where there’s a lot of wear and tear, because it has a hard wearing surface that resists scratches and chemicals. The hardness of the epoxy resin gives it excellent resistance to wear and tear, which means you can use it in any area of your home without having to worry about it getting damaged by heavy furniture or appliances.

This type of floor is made with a mixture of natural pigments and high quality quartz granules

This type of floor is made with a mixture of natural pigments and high quality quartz granules. The pigments are made from natural products and the quartz granules are ground to a fine powder. The quartz granules are then mixed with the pigments, which creates an epoxy mixture that can be poured into a mold for setting. Once this process has been completed, your new floor will be ready for use!

People can use these floors for a long period of time

Epoxy flooring Melbourne is a cost-effective and durable flooring solution. It can be used in any commercial property, including offices, restaurants, shopping malls and hotels. Epoxy floors are also ideal for residential properties. They are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms as they are waterproof and easy to clean.

Epoxy Floors for Busy Traffic Areas in Homes

The floors can be installed on top of concrete slabs or timber subfloors. This make the epoxy floors suitable for many different types of homes around Melbourne such as townhouses or apartments. These type of properties have open living spaces that have large kitchen/dining areas. These areas are prone to a lot of traffic activity throughout the day between family members going in and out. For example, looking after their kids while they’re at school or working late shifts at work respectively without having to worry about damaging the surface underneath your feet with all those daily activities taking place within the home which could potentially cause some serious damage not only financially but emotionally if something went wrong!Epoxy Floors Melbourne

Residential properties can make a good use of this type of flooring

Such properties can make a good use of epoxy flooring. This type of flooring is ideal for high traffic areas, as it is easy to clean and durable. Epoxy floors are also suitable for both indoors and outdoors, making them a versatile choice that can be used on balconies and patios.

The latest techniques used in Epoxy Floor Melbourne can be applied in residential properties for a long lasting flooring solution

Resilient floors are a good choice for high traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms. Epoxy flooring can last for years without requiring any maintenance. Resilient floors are easy to clean and maintain with regular household cleaning products. The latest techniques used in Epoxy Floor in Melbourne can be applied in residential properties for a long lasting flooring solution that will protect the homeowner from unnecessary expenses associated with replacing their flooring every few years. Epoxy flooring is a great option for residential properties, especially when it comes to durability. Epoxy resurfacer is specifically made to prevent any damage from spills, and the protective coating it provides will last much longer than whatever you might have on your floors now.

Best Residential Epoxy Floor Experts in Melbourne

Granicrete has been installing high quality commercial and residential epoxy flooring Melbourne wide. They have the experience to ensure that you get a great looking finish that will last you many years to come.

Metallic Epoxy Floors -Epoxy Flooring in Melbourne

Metallic Epoxy Flooring -Epoxy Flooring in Melbourne What is the difference between metallic epoxy and standard epoxy? Metallic epoxies are made from polyester powder mixed with resin, pigments and additives. The polyester powder can be mixed with many different colours of resin to create a subtle or vibrant tone for your flooring. They are then poured onto the surface that you want to cover, which allows them to set over a period of time depending on the thickness of your application. The design possibilities are endless with this type of flooring as it’s very versatile! Benefits:
  • Long lasting durability – Metallic floors will last up to 10 years before needing a repair or replacement due to wear and tear
  • Waterproof – If you want your garage flooring material to be waterproof then this would be perfect for what you need because none other than Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings do exactly that! Plus they’re also very durable too so no worries about having any cracks/holes in them due to heavy traffic areas like near an entranceway where lots people might walk through every day.
If you need an epoxy floor installation or repair service in Melbourne, Granicrete can help. Granicrete has been installing epoxy floors in Melbourne for over 20 years. They offer an unmatched level of experience and expertise. The family owned business has years of industry experience, which means they know what it takes to deliver quality products and services that customers will appreciate. They’re committed to giving each client the attention they deserve by working closely with them throughout the entire process — from initial consultation through completion of your project — so they feel confident about their decision to work with us when selecting a contractor who can deliver on such an important investment as a new garage flooring system! Conclusion Granicrete has been operating in the industrial and commercial flooring markets for over 20 years. They are Australia’s leading epoxy flooring manufacturer and supplier, with a reputation for service excellence and outstanding quality products.
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